Sexy Erotic Love Letter To My Wife

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I was sent this Erotic Love Letter to a wife by one of our readers just like you. He had been inspired to write it as he was preparing to re-live a very special date and wanted to remind his wife of that occasion and one of the reasons it was so special to him.

It appears that special date with the person who is now his wife was a major step forward in their relationship. He has chosen to write his memories of that event on the beach in this erotic love letter.

Obviously he is looking to re-create that special event and one of the ways of building up to it is to stir up the loving feelings in his wife again through this erotic love letter.

A Sexy Erotic Love Letter To My Wife.

Darling June,

I just need to sit and write a sexy love letter to you today as we prepare to live again that special date in our life

I have a steamy story that I want to share with you of that time we lay on the beach for the first time all those years ago. Imagine just you and me, sitting before the fire, my hand across your stomach as we listen to the waves as they lap against the beach sand.

I turned to you and told very openly and honestly told you just how much you really meant to me then stood up and gently lifted you up beside me. Only then did I slowly dare to unbutton the front of your dress and slipped it down over your shoulders.

Just looking at your breasts glowing in the moonlight in that way I wanted to reach out and hold them but you said, “No. Not yet!” Instead you reached round the back and unhooked your bra exposing everything to my now gaping eyes.

My eyes were popping out at the sight I beheld. I was almost too afraid to do anything but you reached out and took my hands drawing them up to your breasts and made me feel ever so special. You explained that no other boy had ever experienced that pleasure and no one else ever would.

Neither of us felt able to go further that night as we were not yet married. However that only made our wedding night into a very special occasion for us both and tonight I want to be able to relive both those occasions.

Even now the memories of that first time thrill me. Tonight we are going to that same beach for our tenth wedding anniversary date to relive that special occasion. I have written a number of romantic maybe even slightly sexy love letters to you over the years we have been together but none like this.

Lets rebuild that fire on the beach again tonight.

Your darling husband


About this sexy love letter

I just wanted to share this sexy love letter with you as June (my wife) is a very special person to me.  Not only are we going to relive that special date on the beach tonight but we are also renewing our wedding vows next week in the same church where we married ten years ago.

This erotic love letter website seemed the ideal place to let the world know what she means to me.

Note from Carol of Love Letters Central below.

This letter has been described as a “sexy love letter” in some places. In others it was an “erotic love letter“. Do you think there is a difference between the two phrases?  I know I do but what about you!

Is it a “sexy love letter” or an “erotic love letter”?

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  1. says


    Can you remember a time when my fingertips touched your face and the message that they traced was about how very precious you are to me?

    When you lie back and think of a love that is all you could wish for and even more than you expected and all that you deserve; when you wake in the morning and lie warm in your bed luxuriating in your body’s memory in that closeness and comfort in that place of dreams where memory and fantasy and hopes combine in those first thoughts you will find me there.

    For I have entered you with these words seeking a sublime connection to know you, and be known.

    Can you remember a time when my fingertips touched your face ?

    I love you deeply and you now know it


  2. says

    To Karen my one and only. I remember the first time I set eyes on you at the gym. You had my full attention straight away. I thought of how to approach you and decided on a note on your car. Telling you exactly what I think.
    You answered my letter with a reply I tingled for. We met at a movie cinema as I handed you the rose. After the movie you invited me back to your place where we cuddled up on your bed. Id never felt so good and knew you was my one. Our exploring got better as I soon had my fingers making you moan with pleasure. Finally making love to your beautiful virgin body. I took you through many hours of sexual pleasure that I’ve never forgot.
    Now you are gone and would give anything to be back with you Karen as I love you and miss you like crazy.

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