Short Missing You Love Letter written by Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn painting love leeter

King Henry VIII of England was fairly powerful King in his day. The beginning of the Tudors reign.  King Henry VIII had six different wives.  Only one at a time unless you are Roman Catholic as Henry had been brought up.  He was even given a major honour by the pope but that was at the beginning of … [Read more...]

Missing You Love Letters from Tsarina Alexandra of Russia

missing you love letters

This is one of the Missing You Love Letters written by Tsarina Alexandra to her husband the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia just before he goes away on a business tripWe both know that you can start to miss someone even before they actually leave. Sounds silly in print but we all know inside us that … [Read more...]

Missing You Love Letters “Lost Love Letter” Queen Victoria

Some time ago we published this missing you love letters written by Queen Victoria. Many people expressed their sheer surprise that we included it in the missing you love letter category when it clearly was not written to her husband (he had just died) but to her uncle King Leopold of Belgium. … [Read more...]

Romantic Missing You Love Letter to Anne Boleyn

Ann Boleyn

You may have seen other missing you love letters written by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn on this website already. If you have not yet we provide a link to them all below.After all this time we cannot be sure which love letter was sent first. (see missing you love letter) However both the letters so … [Read more...]

Beethoven Wrote This Second Love Letters to His Immortal Beloved

love letter to her by beethoven

A Romantic Love Letter written by Beethoven to his "immortal beloved". As we said earlier in the first Beethoven love letter no-one knows for certain who his Immortal Beloved actually was. We do however know that this romantic Love Letter to her was written by Beethoven on the Evening of Monday, … [Read more...]

Missing You Love Letter written by Napoleon Bonaparte


A Romantic Love Letter written by Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine Bonaparte. It is believed that this romantic missing you love letter was written to his wife on April 24th 1796 To Citizeness Josephine BonaparteMy brother will bring you this letter. I have the greatest love for him and I hope … [Read more...]