Short Missing You Love Letter written by Henry VIII

king Henry VIII of England writer of dozens of love lettersKing Henry VIII of England was fairly powerful King in his day. The beginning of the Tudors reign.  King Henry VIII had six different wives.  Only one at a time unless you are Roman Catholic as Henry had been brought up.  He was even given a major honour by the pope but that was at the beginning of his reign.

Henry later clashed with the Catholic Pope who refused to annul his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Consequently he separated from the power of Rome by establishing the Church of England  with himself as supreme head of the new church. This short but clear missing you love letter was written to  the person who would become his second wife.

Unfortunately it was written to her whilst he was still married to his first wife.  I have written a bio page on Henry VIII explaining more about this man and his wives but effectively he was saying he needed to annul his first marriage as he had committed a cardinal sin in getting married to her.  He spent six years trying to annul the marriage during which time he took a number of mistresses.

Anne Boleyn was a younger sister of one of those mistresses. You will see in the missing you love letter below  Henry VIII refers to Anne Boleyn as “My Mistress And Friend“.  There are a lot of historians who say she always held out waiting for the wedding ring on her finger. However note that after fighting for the annulment for over six years he married Anne Boleyn some three months before the annulment was granted and only seven months before giving birth to Elizabeth their daughter.  See Henry VIII love letter writer for more about his relationship with all his wives.

 Short Missing You Love Letters written by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn.

This very short love letter was written in 1528.

To Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn painting missing you love letter
My Mistress and Friend,

I and my heart put ourselves in your hands, begging you to recommend us to your good grace and not to let absence lessen your affection…or myself the pang of absence is already too great, and when I think of the increase of what I must needs suffer it would be well nigh intolerable but for my firm hope of your unchangeable affection… Henry VIII

The painting shown here depicts Anne Boleyn the recipient of this missing you love letter in the Tower of London.

She had been imprisoned there whilst awaiting her execution ordered by the writer of the above Love Letter. This is probably not exactly the promise to love each other “till death do us part” she thought he meant when making his wedding vows to her..


In this short Missing You Love Letter from King Henry VIII (1491 – 1547) of England, is expressing his affection for Anne Boleyn.

You may have noted that this missing you love letter was written in 1528 some five years or so before his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was annulled. Without more information as to the immediate background to this missing you love letter it is clear whether she is away from the palace on family issues or just trying to keep clear of him.

Whatever the reason for her absence was it  is clear that he was missing her and wants to spend more time with her and be sure of her undying affection for him. Anne was only twenty when they married so was several years younger than Henry VIII. She was also strong willed perhaps too strong willed to tangle with a powerful and vindictive ruler.

Unfortunately for Anne Boleyn that unchanging affection and  undying love expressed in the missing you love letter did not last very long. Three years later she was accused of high treason by committing adultery.  This led to a public execution (beheaded by the axeman) in 1536.

This was clearly double standards by King Henry VIII after all he himself had committed adultery with several women whilst still married to Catherine of Arragon and he suffered no punishment. Historians suggest there was no documented evidence available to suggest the adultery was real.

The likelihood is it was falsely made up to Henry VIII get out of the marriage quickly and easily. You may also like to read the following love letters written by or sent to Henry VIII on this website.

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