Memories Of Nights Together In The Past

My Dearest Sheila,

sexy letterHow are you my dearest love? Virtually every night I still relive that last loving night we had together. Your words still sound just like music to my ears. I cannot wait for the next golden opportunity to spend a night with you. Yet you still tease me with promises and laughter that send thrills and despondency up and down my body in waves.

Your eyes are responsible for us making love so often. I only have to look at you and see the smallest glance of those beautiful blue eyes gives me so much pleasure. That same love that causes me pain when I know you are with your husband somehow also cures my sorrows. I need you to keep looking at me with that depth of love.

You have that wonderful magic effect on me. Things always seem to heat up when you are in the same room as me. Every time I hear your voice or see your figure hugging dresses my whole body throbs for you. You send ripples of fire through my groin whenever I think of the incredible times when we have shared a bed together.

We lie there exhausted from the pleasures we have shared together yet when I hear your gentle voice saying those magic words “I love you” rejuvenates me and pulls you back into my arms yet again.

I was born for you and you only and am willing to die for our love together. The purpose of my life now is to simply love you to bits. Your love is of primary importance for me. I love your company even when others are around you can still send fire sizzling through my body. In fact I can become so hot for you that I want to throw you on the floor rug and slowly place my kisses all over your body. And you know what happens to our level of passion whenever we have done that. So I ask you please don’t stand so near to me in company rubbing your arm along my back the way you do or I will forget that they are there and make love to you there and then.

You are fully able to fulfill all my desires returning even more love than I can give you. You are insatiable it seems you just can’t get enough of me either no matter how much we have done already.

Our eyes are best instruments for making love. Merely looking at you and having a glance of your beautiful liquid eyes gives me great pleasure. The love which causes pain also cures my sorrow. Just keep looking at me with that love. Your instant, bright, embracing glance gives me supreme delight.


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