Famous Love Letters For You To Read and Share

What is a famous love letter?

Should we restrict it to love letters that have become famous because of the content or circumstances/surroundings in which it was written?

OR is it a famous love letter because it was written by someone who was famous in themselves? Sometimes a famous love letter has become famous primarily because it was written by someone famous (for example we have published letters written by a well known dancer such as Isabella Duncan and the President of the USA.military generals and emperors.

But even many of the latter love letters have become famous because of their content. They have managed to express a depth of love and real feelings which most of us just dream of being able to express in our love letters.

We have chosen to include both and give you the opportunity to discover some famous love letters that you may not have seenif you were only allowed to see one or the other. We hope that you will approve of that decision.

Stop reading this intro and start to read the famous love letters we selected for you.