Sexy Erotic Love Letters To Get Him/Her Home Early

Lets say you were opening your own email box and found rather sexy erotic love letters from your partner or spouse what would be your reaction?  What would you be thinking to yourself ? Would you be anticipating some fun when you get back together again? Would you be remembering good times when you were last together?

If you think that would bring a happy smile to your face think what it might do for your loved one. Would it make them feel good? If so  what are you waiting for?

Start writing and ….

Send them sexy and erotic love letters today

I want you to read this erotic love letter and then comment below on your reaction to it. If you received sexy erotic love letters like this would it encourage you to get home and excited knowing what your lover had in mind?

This sample of rather erotic love letters was sent to us by one wife who found it in her work email box about two hours before she was due to leave work to go home. Knowing the way he was feeling towards her she faked an illness and left early to get back to him quicker.

Darling wife

sexy erotic love letters coupleI can’t seem to get you out of my mind for very long even when I am trying to concentrate on my work. The picture of your body keeps breaking into my thoughts. I can’t think about anything, except what it feels like to be touching you… Just a touch of your hand sends shivers up and down my spine.

What can I do?

I can’t explain the way you make me feel good. I say I want my thoughts to remain still. I can feel these my deepest desires for you. You are all I want.

Tonight as I sit here at my computer trying to get my accounts straight I am thinking about you yet again.

I wish you were here so I could feel your smell. Your perfume already lingers in my brain. It is as through you are already in my bedroom office.  I know I need you here soon.  I don’t want to wait another moment longer than absolutely necessary just dreaming about you.

Tonight I want to make all of your desires come true. When you get here I plan to begin my slow seduction. I will make your body feel like it’s on fire. My lips will caress you all over, my tongue will lavish you and my hands will explore every inch of your body.

My ultimate desire is to leave you wanting more. And, just when you think you can’t take anymore…

Tonight my love, tonight.

Yes. That is right.  Tonight more than any other night I want you to make me totally yours. I want to feel your heavenly touch. I want to feel your lips. I want to feel your arms and your legs wrapped around me pulling me closer still. I want you to make me weak with need. I want to feel alive in you.

But that is later tonight when you come. In the mean time I send this sexy erotic love letter in an email to you to warn you of my intentions and to make you more eager to arrive on time or even better earlier than we arranged.

Till tonight my beloved


Since I did not get explicit permission to publish the writer’s name I have withheld it from public view. However she did go on separately to say that since receiving that rather erotic love letter email she has been inspired to start sending them to him as well.

Although I understand from her they already had a good sex life before hand. Over the last few months their love life has started to grow beyond recognition. She puts it all down to the way that one erotic love letter has made them think more about each other.

They are now slipping short sexy love letters into their partners bags, coat pockets, lunch boxes etc where they will be found later in the day. However it is not just down to writing sexy love letters they have found themselves breaking free of other routines and going out together for romantic dates etc. Their love life has changed for the better.

Sexy and erotic love letters. What do you think?

Would you love to be able to write sexy or erotic love letters or emails to your special person?

You could make it stronger than this example above by being more explicit in detail. Alternatively you could give out more hints and leave more detail to their imagination. My husband says he thinks a longer calve length flowing dress with a split up the side of the leg is far more sexy than a miniskirt. I think he is right!  In many ways the occasional flash of flesh is more eye-catching than constant full exposure.

Whatever your thoughts on writing sexy erotic  love letters you can learn how to write fully explicit or imaginative ones using the software we fully recommend from experience. Go to for more information.

Note: if you buy that very easy to use software to write sexy love letters I could get a small commission but even without that I would still recommend it to help improve your romantic relationships.  Seriously I still sometimes feel the need to dip into the package myself from time to time just for some fresh inspiration before sitting down to write erotic love letters to my husband.

Your own sexy or erotic love letters

Can you write sexy erotic  love letters if so please use our contact us to send me a copy to publish (with or without your names published of course). See my submit erotic love letters page here for more information.


  1. asangai adam says

    wow with that in my maillbox i think my boss may have to kick me out of the office the next day i honestly would not west a second to fly to her

  2. randa says

    i wish my husband would write letters, notes and emails like this to me.. better yet.. even say those words to me… wow how lucky that woman is to have a man who adores her and loves to share his romantic side.

  3. chance kidder says

    hey, i got a few ideas for this and i want to say thanks. im 17 and known my beautiful little girl for a year. so, i sent a letter to her, somewhat like this, by suprise and when she read it brought tears to her eyes. thanks again

  4. Alicia says

    I have sectioned of the love letter in the front page and written my own. I take pieces of it and written more into it to fit me and my love!!!


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