Our Favorite Erotic Love Letters

What is an erotic love letter? Is a letter that contains lots of fine detail of proposed sexual acts between two lovers or something which makes you go all hot inside wanting it to come true and you can't wait for it to happen?

One of the more erotic love letters featured on this page was written to get his wife to come home early from the office. It worked for them? However all it did was talk rather suggestively of what his wife should expect when she got home. I believe strongly that the suggestion is more powerful than the the detail. Scientists tell us that the brain is the largest sex organ so let the imagination work to get the results you want.

Another erotic love letter was written about a special occasion on the beach. Other special occasions include a letter written on a wedding day. Another about the first night two people shared together longing to repeat it but circumstances and other commitments make it difficult for them.

Please let us know what you think about erotic love letters. If you have received them or written any would you let us see them removing any personal issues which would identify you or your lover as appropriate. Simply go to our contact us page and let us know.