An Erotic Love Letter From a Wife Who Misses Her Husband’s Touch

This is an erotic love letter written by a wife whose husband  frequently travels on business for long periods of time. They fortunately have a very strong relationship, but even after ten years of getting used to his absence the time and distance still causes her to deeply miss him, his heart and his touch.

She is writing this ewrotic love letter as she is anxiously awaiting his return, but this time, instead of having his favorite meal ready for him to come home to, she’s gotten him something just a little sweeter.

My Dearest Mark,

It is with great trepidation that I await your return. My heart aches for your arms and the warmth of your breath on the back of my neck as we cuddle while falling asleep. I miss that infectious sideways smile of yours and long for the way I feel when you kiss me in the simplest, yet sweetest way possible.  But above all this, I need you in a way that no amount of distance, time or money can provide.

missing you erotic love letter for him When you’re gone like this, I can’t help but think back to the nights that we tore at each other on the roof of your car, in the shower and even on the porch.  It was all so primal, instinctive and intoxicating. I thrive on those moments and find myself worked over just thinking about them.  Afterwards, I can’t help but discover my own excitement.

With all of this excitement, I wanted to make your return extra special this time around for the both of us. This time, we’ll be skipping dinner and heading straight to the bedroom. In an earth shaking anticipation, I ordered us something special! I got us a sex swing from Adam and Eve.

I love how you’re not afraid to experiment with toys; it makes you even sexier. That’s why I thought this would be a great way to bring back some of our exhibitionist fun.

I have already set it up, as I was simply too excited to even wait. I have found myself trailing my fingers along the straps as I pass by it, envisioning all of the things we will do. In my mind, you’re already here, having you way with me, but alas you are not yet home with me.

The swing now serves as a daily marker of your return. I’ve been counting down t days. Mentally crossing through another day and metaphorically removing another item of clothing, so that by the time you return we’ll already be naked and ready for each other.

I hope my excitement resonates within you as well and that we can swing ourselves to new memories that we can both thrive off of the next time you have to leave.

I miss you always. Anxiously awaiting your return.



Erotic Love Letter to build up more excitement:

R wanted to share this letter because she has found that writing an erotic love letter like this to her husband in his absence has helped them keep communication open and honest. That alone means a lot but as a side benefit  they have also made their married sex life far more interesting.  Always a good thing in any romantic loving relationship.

I must admit even after all these years I have never yet sent my husband an erotic love letter mentioning a special type of toy to get him excited about coming home to me.  I have however suggested ideas that we can try out together when he returns. I remember once it got him home a day earlier than expected he had worked some double shifts and tied up the deal earlier than expected.  It made me feel great deep inside knowing I could get him that excited even when he was still 200 miles away.

Have you ever written an erotic love letter to encourage your husband or partner to come home already even more excited than usual? Did you mention any particular reason over and above the loving you want to share with him? Use the comments box below to share your thoughts on these types of erotic love letter.

Go to our main page for love letters for him or go here for the love letters for him category page but just before you go there let us know what you think about writing a erotic love letter for him whether you mean a boyfriend or husband.


  1. Married woman says

    I just wanted to add this thought with an extract from an erotic love letter I received from an ex boyfriend. It made want to meet up with him again as a friend but not to relive anything with him. I couldn’t do that as I am now married to someone else. Marriage is special to me and I stay true to my husband at all times.

    Whenever I think of you I find that the heat of my body is coming alive just with sheer anticipation. Thats what your touch or rather the thought of your touch is doing to me. I can feel the lips on my body … your skin against my chest.

    Yes these are just ideas in my head but it is all I have left of you as i lie alone in my bed with nothing but memories of the past.

    Just my imagination of what you do to me is setting my whole body on fire all over again and again. Then that lonely ache deep inside inside when I realise it is just thoughts and not the real you pressing up against me.

    I yearn to be with you just to be near you again. I want to feel your touch your fingers running up and down my body as I awake with my nostrils full of your sweet perfume.

    Knowing that as I awake my eyes will only see you and your eyes gazing deep inside me looking for more of what we shared so often just the previous the previous night.

    You are an addiction to me I need you beside me Holding me tight caressing me making me come alive again again and that is when you hands go further down my body to reach for that part of me which longs even more for to be deep — really deep — inside you just as as your heart is deep is still deep inside me.

    Sorry I can’t share any more with you as the letter is making me think I need to go find my husband as he is still in bed waiting for me to bring him breakfast. I think he may be surprised what breakfast he is going to get today as an extra special treat. The coffee may go cold but I am getting hotter.

    Don’t worry I will come back to this page later and maybe share some more.

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