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We first published this Love Letters Central website in September 2003 and since then we have been  contacted by a number of people (probably about 25 to 30 of them who keeps count?) asking us to consider advertising their new love letter writing service.

Most of the “write a love letter” books/software/service have been absolutely rubbish.

write a love letterWrite a Love Letter Book

I can give you an example of someone who was willing to pay us to advertise his eBook of Love Letters as a model of how to write a love letter. His letter to me made it sound really good as it was offering advice with samples suitable for every occasion.

We naturally asked for a copy of it so we could assess its value to our readers. Lets face it I am not going to recommend anything we could not live with afterwards. He was reluctant to let us have a review copy but when we said we NEVER publish any recommendations without that he did relent and sent it to us.

When it arrived it was nothing but a copy of a book with sample love letters that people could use but dated around 1913-1914.  It was actually a book freely available in the public domain and very outdated on its advice on writing a love letter.

The advice included suggestions that young women should never commit their feelings on paper until after they had a wedding ring on their finger. (I think that rules out a large chuck of our Love letter website readers already.)

What’s more they should only write a a love letter only after making sure their husband would never ever share it’s content or even it’s existence with any one.

Other advice said servant girls should never ever write a love letter as it was not right and proper for someone of their low station to do so.

I do still have that write a love letter book but I will not use it. It was great for historical research purposes but as a guide on how to write a romantic love letter in today’s world it was a waste of time and at the price he wanted to sell the book it seemed criminal to do so…

romantic red rose letterHowever we do know that is there is some really fantastic helpful aids available which we can definitely recommend wholeheartedly.  If you are genuinely wanting to learn to write romantic love letters that you can personalise to make them say exactly what you want them to say take a look at this page here.

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Write a Love Letter

The advice we offer on how to write a love letter is unbiased except in one area we insist on only advertising good high quality advice on how to write a love letter.